About us

ARISconcept is an entirely new brand, created as a result of the development of ARISmebel company existing since 1981. Nearly a quarter-century of accumulating knowledge and experience  in the furniture industry permits to talk about  ARISconcept, as a company with tradition.

Initially, operating under the name of ARISmebel, Mr. Ryszard Włodarczyk's company began its expansion of in the furniture market from just a few recreational sets to achieve the staggering number of nearly a hundred of various concepts of sofas, corner seats or armchairs. The wealth of choice of furniture models is proudly complemented by the large collection of best quality upholstery  fabrics produced in the whole  Europe.

Changing the name ARISmebel into  ARISconcept also illustrates the above-mentioned richness, but it is also a symbol of quality leap which the company performed and the explosion of new ideas that turned into many interesting products. The uniqueness of these products is confirmed by the interest aroused among decorators and interior designers, who use them as decoration of their own projects. This way ARIS furniture was present in various TV shows and commercials, accompanying celebrities, actors and presenters.

Very important is the fact that ARISconcept company has its own infrastructure and facilities allowing the production of furniture, which means a complete control over the entire production process and the advantages it brings. The selection of appropriate materials or the use of durable and reliable components are just some of the advantages influencing the good quality of the final product, created in its entirety in a single company. These advantages are unquestionable benefit to the final customer, which can enjoy many years of use of the product purchased.

All products offered by the company were created in the author's design studio of Mr. Ryszard Włodarczyk. This furniture is making reference to the previous ages as well as modern projects, following the current trends. Especially the latter is characterized by "modularity" which facilitates composing and displaying them in any interior.

For the production of the furniture, good and durable material was used -  for example the furniture structure is made of solid wood whereas the upholstery is among others made of   natural leather or other quality material.

ARISconcept supplies furniture stores, furniture shops and interior galleries, providing the partners with transportation of furniture to the destination. For many years, the furniture is also exported to Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark as well as the United States. The company carries out even the most sophisticated orders and seeks to meet the most demanding customers.