Modular corner sofa Soho

Sofa Modular corner sofa Soho

The Soho modular corner sofa set is the quintessence of simplicity, modern furniture, class and almost unlimited configuration possibilities.

You have 4 elements at your disposal, which you can freely arrange, creating, e.g. a 2-3-seater sofa, a corner, a large sleeping area or a compact seating area. You can also add a footstool to the set or use it as a place to put away the newspaper or book. Each of these elements is very comfortable, both seats, stable armrests and backrests. Thanks to this solution, this set will fit into any interior, a spacious living room, but also a small studio apartment, in which 2 modules in the form of a luxurious and minimalist sofa will work perfectly.

By choosing the modular Soho corner set in any configuration, you can be calm about the quality of each element, filling and fabric that has been upholstered. This quality is additionally emphasized by a 2-year warranty on every module purchased.

On the abovementioned in the pictures you will see 2 types of upholstery fabrics and 2 colors. Remember that you can choose the entire palette of upholstery (various types and colors of fabric). So we easily personalize the furniture exactly to your interior, regardless of size or color.

The Soho set is perfect for private and corporate interiors, where you meet clients and contractors where you want to make the best impression on guests from the first look. Call our salon, we will help and advise you on the best solution for your interior!


  OTW*P/L - -
f - - - - - -
p - - - - - -
z - - - - - -
g 108 108 108 161 - -
s 108 80/90/100 88/98/108 88/98/108 - -
w 87 87 87 87 - -
F - funkcja, P - pojemnik, Z - zagłówek, G - głębokość, S - szerokość, W - wysokość wszystkie wymiary w [cm].