Modular corner sofa Taos

Sofa Modular corner sofa Taos

This upholstered modular corner sofa living room set brings together the hottest furniture trends of recent times. Massive and geometric solid. Structural 3D upholstery fabric, imitating the weave of threads in the maxi version. Thick seams on the edges of the backrests make it an uncompromisingly modern and fashionable piece of furniture for the brave.

When you decide on this set, you have 4 component modules plus 2 tables (high and low). The whole consists of a comfortable footstool, corner element with 2 backrests connected together on one side, the middle element only equipped with a backrest and 2 edge elements with backrest and armrests on one side (right or left). These modules can be purchased separately in any number and assembled as you like and how it suits the size of your living room or bedroom. Thanks to this option, you can afford such a luxurious corner or sofa not only in a huge, luminous living room, but also in a mini studio or small office.

We guess you value the highest quality in everything that surrounds you. As a manufacturer with multi-generational experience, we know how to provide it to you in the form of sofas or high-end corners. Our designers and craftsmen take care of every detail from the legs, through the construction, filling and upholstery. We do not focus on half measures, because we are proud of the solutions proposed, we provide a 2-year warranty on our furniture.

Taos set can be configured freely not only in terms of modules, but also upholstery purchased items. We put at your disposal the entire palette of fabrics and colors. So you have the opportunity to fully adapt this furniture to your needs.

Top quality, latest trends, courage in design and uncompromising. Do you share our values? We invite you to our salon in Paczków near Poznań! Come, try, take advantage of the advice of our consultants.


f - - - - - -
p - - - - - -
z - - - - - -
g 108 108 108 108 101 90
s 108 72/82/92/102 110/120/130/140 60/108 50 90
w 80 80 80 39 28 38
F - funkcja, P - pojemnik, Z - zagłówek, G - głębokość, S - szerokość, W - wysokość wszystkie wymiary w [cm].