Sofa Mondello

Sofa Sofa Mondello

Following the latest global trends, designers of the aris concept brand introduced a fabric giving a 3D effect to the palette of upholstery fabrics for furniture. It is a fabric with incredible aesthetic and practical values. We have dressed one of the last models in our offer in this fabric - the Mondello sofa. In addition to the upholstery fabric mentioned, this sofa is also characterized by a simple and massive, although shapely block, set on low legs, stable backrest and comfortable armrests. The Mondello sofa is a proposal for enthusiasts of modern design who like to follow innovations in the field of interior design, impress others, but also the braver of you who like to take on challenges. Of the practical features, this sofa is very comfortable, thanks to the wide and well positioned seat and backrests. It also keeps good shape and color longer. Dare to!

f - - - - -
p - - - - -
z - - - - -
g 100 - 100 100 100
s 110 - 180 210 230
w 76 - 76 76 76
F - funkcja, P - pojemnik, Z - zagłówek, G - głębokość, S - szerokość, W - wysokość wszystkie wymiary w [cm].