Modular corner sofa Fumio

Modular corner sofa Fumio

The hottest trend of recent time - crease fabric, giving the impression of three-dimensional, light movement, exposed on a solid piece of furniture, set on light legs. This impressive modular corner will certainly play the first violin in the living room, even the modern minimalist one in which, apart from concrete walls and a beautiful wooden floor, there is nothing.

The whole set consists of up to 9 modules: corner, single and double middle, side with single and double armrests, ottoman and corner. You can buy any number of modules and set them to fit perfectly into your interior. This is a huge advantage, because it allows you to enjoy this impressive corner both in a large, spacious living room and in a compact studio apartment. So you can visually overlay every space with it and you don't have to look for accessories that would emphasize the charm of this furniture. He alone is enough.

When you decide on the Fumio modular corner, you can also be sure about the highest quality of workmanship the Aris Concept brand is famous for. This applies to every element of the furniture, from the legs, through a very comfortable seat, backrests, armrests and numerous, very comfortable cushions that serve as a backrest, as well as structural elements and durable filling guaranteeing the highest seating comfort.

The upholstery fabric that Fumio is finished to, like all other components from which this modular corner was built, is of premium quality. In the picture we present a sea-gray shade, but we also offer other colors of this fabric and other fabrics in general, which we can cover your furniture on individual order. So you don't have any size or color restrictions to match the tip-top furniture to your interior.

Whether you are arranging your private or company interior, this modular Fumio corner set will be the icing on the cake of any interior design project. Before buying, it's definitely good that you can try it live - touch, sit down, try this quality on your own skin, that's why we invite you to our showroom in Paczków or to other showrooms promoting Aris Concept furniture, the list of which can be found on our website in "Where to buy" tab. Our consultants will answer all your questions and advise on the best solution.


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